Wednesday, August 3, 2011

VMware vSeminar Series 2011 - Wellington

On Tuesday the 2nd of August I attended my first VMware full day event. The VMware vSeminar Series 2011 in Wellington, New Zealand.

There were some great speakers at the event and they just covered some of the biggest improvements to vSphere in version 5.0 as well as other major products; View, vCloud, SRM etc.

The following are just a a couple of photos from the event.

This panel represents the major hardware vendors that sponsored the event. At some points it looked like blows might be exchanged, but this was narrowly avoided. Next time it would be good if they wore sumo wrestling outfits for our amusement.
From left to right; HP, IBM, EMC, Dell and NetApp.

Samsung were displaying some pretty interesting Thin client solutions embedded in their monitors. I'm not sure if this is the best approach, but they certainly looked cool.

Mitel were showcasing their phones. What interested me the most was the concept of the software based phone in conjunction with a View client using a Thin desktop. Apparently this would give you a complete and fully featured desktop and phone solution minus all the mess.

Riverbed were showcasing their acceleration products for WAN connections. Getting the theme yet? I'm very interested in pursuing a VMware vCenter and View based career. This will capitalise on my imaging, builds application packaging experience. Besides which I actually think thin computing is really cool. The driver should always be that it makes the IT shop cheaper, easier to use, easier to manage. If a solution isn't all three of those, then why bother implementing it? Well security of course, hello banks and other high security environments!

This is Nick Evans from Gen-i. Nick is a bit of a guru and just recently passed his VCAP-DCA. If you are a Gen-i customer, you should just say "I want Nick to do all the work thanks".

And finally here is Thomas Curtis. A guru from Fujitsu. If you are a Fuji customer just ask for Thomas!

Well that's my lame coverage of the vSeminar complete. I'm sure I'll get better at this stuff going forward. Sorry to those vendors that I forgot to take photos of.

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